Most orders are handled through the Bicephalic Records Bandcamp page.  there you can get physical merchandise and/or digital downloads & streaming.  Additionally, all newer releases (from 2014 onward) come with downloadable bonus material (bonus tracks, art, videos, etc.).

If you’d prefer to not use Bandcamp, send an email to  [A @ Bicephalic dot net] with your request and we can work something out.

Here’s a list of what’s currently available. I try to keep this list up to date but no guarantees.
** = less than 3 remaining

Bicephalic Records Releases

Nipple Stools : Decision Points [3″ cd]

Controlled Dissonance : Terrains Vagues [3″ cd]

Somnaphon : An Alignment of Various Things  [cd in dvd case]

V/A : 4 Things [3″ cdr]

Peer Group : Personhood for Megachurches [3″ cdr]

Faint Glow / Somnaphon : Absolute (0) Embrace [split c30]

World of White Ice / Nipple Stools : Wimp Abilities Sluice [split c30]

Amalgamated / Odd Person : Anthropodermic Ixil [split c30]

Dog Hallucination / Ichtyor Tides : Vergier Begets [split c30]

Promute / Homogenized Terrestrials : Infrared Dynamo [split c30]

Carl Kruger / NJ9842 : 1/11-GR opal [split c30]

Miguel A. Garcia / August Traeger : Absquatulate Azimuth [c30]

Staplerfahrer / Bonehole : Excessive Extension [c30]**

faint glow / Justin Scott Gray : Quantum Ouch [c30]

Chefkirk / s27e152 : Immediate Shred [c30]**

Somnaphon : An Alignment of Various Things [dvd]

Takahiro Mukai : Normcore [c30]

Odd Person : Junk Tropics [c30]


Distro Items

Somnaphon / Inappropriate King Live : Hands Look Like Flowers [cassette]**

Somnaphon : Anthology of Errors [VHS] **

Hayagriva [dvd short film]

Food World / Caucasians : btg26’04 [hand-ruined cdr]**

Nipple Stools : Turkish Circuits [cd digipak]

Somnaphon : Sarasota [cdr digipak]**

Somnaphon : Florida [cdr digipak]**

Somnaphon : Automatic Writings Vol. 1 [cd]

Somnaphon : Fire Mind Wisdom [cd]

Phlimm : Caffeine Withdrawal For Experts [cd]**

Mr.Stonecipher Vs. Somnaphon : The Horsemaster’s Daughter [cassette]

Somnaphon : God’s Favorite Playmate [cassette]**

V/A : Outside 2.0 [cassette]**

Somnaphon : Normal People [3″ cdr]

Mr. Stonecipher : Forgiveness [cd]**

Baby Daddy : Hot Dick [3″ cdr]**

V/A : 910 Noise Douceur Violente [cd]**